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The i.M2A Network: Connections Expand with the Introduction of the HLF - Hybrid Learning Framework Training Program

"Two days of training in Bari to explore new phygital educational paradigms and a collaboration agreement with Hevolus Innovation

May 8, 2024 – The i.m2A Network is expanding its activities by offering the HLF - Hybrid Learning Framework training course, which is dedicated to innovation and the shared participation of all affiliated schools. This traveling training program consists of ten stages, with a common focus on enhancing school staff and creating an open practice community engaged in new educational and methodological scenarios.

A new collaboration that will support teachers and school leaders in acquiring new practices and knowledge of truly futuristic technological scenarios.

In Bari, on May 9 and 10, we will meet the future.

Imerio Chiappa, President of the i.M2A Network, emphasizes the purpose of the initiative: "The network has among its tasks to facilitate training and support both staff and students in deeply understanding the main technologies. We have long been involved in developing technical skills for our schools, but it is necessary to consider teaching methodologies and the use of certain technologies to support every type of teaching. The Network aims to contribute to innovation. This project represents our community of practices in line with what is required by the Dig. Comp Edu models, our idea of actions sees the participation of all actors, which is why we decided to travel across Italy and promote experiences of great impact and value.”

“The HLF - Hybrid Learning Framework program aspires to be a great environment for discovery, an experimental forge where teachers can learn and practice the latest technological vanguards, and on these, build educational content usable across the entire national territory. Thanks to the funding from the PNRR, all courses will be available on the Futura platform and accessible not only to the Network's teachers but to the entire national community,” states Maurizio Adamo Chiappa – Training Representative for the Network.

Anna Grazia De Marzo, Manager at Marconi Hack of Bari and CTO South of the i.M2A Network, highlights the strong impact of the initiative: "The project aims to continually improve the quality of Teacher Training and for the School to fulfill its primary function of LIFE TEACHER, I am honored to host the Hybrid Learning Framework training seminar on the new frontiers of teaching/learning under the banner of THE FUTURE NOW! Choosing the IISS Marconi Hack of Bari for the Kick-off of this project with a futuristic and national imprint, as it is funded by the PNRR, is a sign of recognition of the commitment and value of the southern Schools that actively contribute to the creation and realization of new technologies, also a result of the synergistic energies developed by the i.M2A Network that brings together Schools and Business Activities of the country under the same aegis."

The collaboration between i.M2A and Hevolus Innovation will be formalized with an agreement during the first event in Bari, sealing an alliance between schools focused on innovation and change and a company like Hevolus, whose world is innovation.

"Our solutions are designed to improve the classroom experience for teachers and students, using technology to transform learning into an active and engaging journey, for example by combining immersive 3D holograms with the physical space in which lessons are held to make them more engaging and memorable," explained Fabio Santini, CEO of Hevolus. “Our approach enhances the centrality of the teacher's role, who from today will prepare and share their lessons and also have a virtual twin with whom students can interact, for better interaction between teachers and students. We are witnessing a fundamental change in the way education is delivered and received, this new approach to learning is not only more effective but also more fun for both teachers and students."

Hevolus envisions a future where technology plays a central role in education, where the physical and digital worlds perfectly merge, offering schools solutions designed to facilitate understanding and memorization through emotional involvement and interactive experience. Creating more engaging and personalized learning experiences by combining Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence helps make learning more interesting and personal, while preparing students for a future in which the barriers between the real and the digital world will be increasingly blurred: merging the best of traditional learning theories with the latest technologies, Hevolus offers a future-proof education.

Microsoft Italia, a partner in the Hybrid Learning Framework, provides the technology that underpins this solution, namely Microsoft HoloLens and Azure OpenAI, Microsoft's AI-powered Cloud platform.

Giuseppe Cannizzo, Microsoft’s Manager for Schools, comments: “We are pleased to consolidate our long-standing collaboration with Hevolus by developing this new solution and thereby support schools, teachers, and students in creating new ways of teaching, going beyond the confines of the laboratory as a physical place. Thanks to the mixed reality of HoloLens, Azure Cloud, and AI, students have cutting-edge tools at their disposal for more interactive and effective learning, not just at school but also at home. Microsoft has always been committed to helping students acquire the right skills so they can contribute to a future of growth.”


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