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the metaverse made accessible
and scalable

The latent need

We need now to make the adoption easy with test and try approach.  We must abilitate our customers to create metaverse on their own, without any device or platform limitations.​

Features of hVerse

"Human-touch" Technologies


Multi functional


What is hVerse?

h Verse is the first low-code platform worldwide, which allows you to create, customize and publish metaverses in webXR with simple drag & drop and editing operations. Without difficulty and without changing the way you work, it generates virtual meeting rooms, reception rooms and showrooms and uses these spaces to welcome customers and partners via the web, to organize meetings or to show products. Nothing simpler. The platform can be used via the web and is already ready for immersive experiences with wearable or portable devices in augmented and mixed reality.

Build custom 3D environments

Upload 3D digital assets, including animated ones

Offer immersive web experiences in AR

Generate links for publishing the metaverse

What can you do with hVerse

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