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Hevolus brings the shopping experience of the future to any device

Hevolus helps companies create their own metaverse spaces and design immersive shopping experiences 

10 maggio 2024 – Hevolus, who is among the international leaders in eXtended Reality and generative AI technologies, has been posted in a Snapdragon Spaces™ XR Developer Platform blog with a use case story dedicated to Hevolus H-Store solution. Hevolus is the only Italian company whose solution has been featured in the Snapdragon Spaces blog. 

The story published on the Snapdragon Spaces blog explains how with H-Store it is possible to answer to a need every company selling products has, being forced to deal with physical space constraints and high warehouse and display costs. With H-Store they can now create a virtual store or a showroom to show your products - with variations in color, texture and size - without space constraints. 

We wanted to highlight H-Store on our blog to showcase how their innovative solution utilized Snapdragon Spaces so their work can be made more accessible to the masses, says Steve Lukas, Director, Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “The solution created by Hevolus integrating our technology lays a foundation for a change in the habits of consumers and businesses worldwide, and does so by creating experiences that are immersive, interactive and easily accessible.” 

H-Store is one of the products in the H-Verse suite, which also includes H-Share (Content Management System), H-Prototype (production), H-Onboarding and H-Collaboration (human resources), H-Fair (sales) and H-Maintenance (after-sales), all designed to be applied in sectors as diverse as fashion, retail, production and automotive. It is a product designed to create phygital experiences based on generative artificial intelligence and eXtended Reality, helping businesses in creating their own spaces to experience immersive, interactive, inclusive and accessible shopping experiences - via the web and with any device

The power of eXtended Reality lies in how quickly we can allow our customers to see a store they have only imagined, with their own eyes, in a familiar environment,” says Fabio Santini, CEO at Hevolus. “Integrating Snapdragon Spaces into our H-Store platform allows us to seamlessly bridge virtual and augmented reality, to integrate digital elements with the physical world to experience the store of the future. Snapdragon Spaces has been instrumental in enabling us to transform abstract concepts into tangible experiences, making the limitless potential of XR accessible to all.” 

H-Store, in particular, is designed to build detailed display and production layouts with established design flows. Architects, designers and planners can then view these layouts as if they were real and life-size in the actual environment in which they will be installed, in high resolution and highly detailed in a range of shapes, colors and materials. Customer benefits include lower environmental impact, virtual walkthroughs, and cost savings. In the shops created with H-Store it is possible to add products to the virtual space using drag & drop tools and choosing between 3D models, images and videos to create a never-closed showroom and private spaces where customers, staff, friends and relatives share a shopping experience. 

The efforts from Hevolus and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. led to the addition of Snapdragon Spaces to Hevolus development tools (based on Unity) to achieve several important objectives, starting from the possibility of using pass-through cameras to enable XR scenarios such as anchoring holograms to real environments. It is possible to use H-Store not only on PCs, smartphones or tablets but also on devices as Lenovo ThinkReality VRX and Lenovo ThinkReality A3. As they are supported by the Snapdragon Spaces SDK, developers can create immersive experiences thanks to a platform and an open and cross-device ecosystem. 

You can find Hevolus' story on the Snapdragon Spaces blog at this link: Virtual stores, showrooms and meeting rooms in XR with Hevolus 


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