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SMAU Innovation Award for Mondo Camerette

13/12/2019. The project “In store Phygital Customer Journey” of Mondo Camerette won the Innovation Award at SMAU Naples. It was conceived and developed by Hevolus Innovation and then it was further implemented in a multidevice and multiplayer key, in order to support Microsoft HoloLens 2 too.

Mondo Camerette has always been at the forefront of the market and very focused on technological innovation. It accepted the challenge of today's consumers, who are more and more expert and digital. They seek customized, integrated, hyperconnected, omnichannel and high added value experiences. From this idea, the project “In-Store Phygital Customer Journey" was born and it was designed and developed for Mondo Camerette by Hevolus Innovation, a leading company in the field of phygital customer experience and Microsoft International partner for Mixed Reality. The project already won the SMAU Naples 2018 Innovation Award, but was further implemented in a multidevice and multiplayer key, with the aim of better supporting visitors - both young and adults – while choosing and purchasing their own bedroom thanks to the use of augmented, holographic and virtual reality on desktop, mobile and wearable devices.

From customer reception to the final purchase phase, the customer journey re-designs the touchpoints with a customer-centric approach, associating each one of them with the technological tool that is most suitable. The Augmented Store, developed by Hevolus Innovation, supports the In-Store Phygital Customer Journey, allowing the visualization of three-dimensional digital contents and multimedia that co-exist in the physical reality of the store. The platform has been implemented in multidevice key and this means that the experience can be lived in a very fluid way without technological embarrassment, with different devices (desktop, mobile and/or wearable), including the holographic computer Microsoft HoloLens 2, immersive headsets for mixed reality, PC, laptop, mobile devices and tablets (iOS and Android). Thanks to the room-scale technology, Spatial Anchors and Spatial Sound, the experience of viewing the bedrooms becomes an engaging experience for the customer.


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