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Press Release, Mixed reality by Hevolus at the service of Natuzzi to furnish the house of the future

The new customer journey designed by Hevolus Innovation for Natuzzi

PRESS RELEASE - 21/11/2018

Hevolus ( - a company focused on the research and development of innovative business models for the retail sector - supported Natuzzi (, the most famous Italian furniture company and one of the main global players in the market of furniture, in the project "NNCE - Natuzzi New Customer Experience", a process of digital innovation at 360 degrees, in order to offer Natuzzi customers the most advanced and personalized technological experiences and make Natuzzi retail stores an unprecedented destina.

Leader in the world of disruptive technologies and Microsoft's international partner for mixed reality, Hevolus has proved to be the ideal choice to achieve the goals set by designing an innovative customer journey able to make the experience of Natuzzi customers truly engaging and exciting.


The first application of the project is Natuzzi Photoplanner, just presented at SMAU Milano where it won the SMAU 2018 Innovation Award. Thanks to this solution, it is sufficient to take a series of photos to furnish the home environment and then go to the store Natuzzi and live an exciting Mixed Reality experience: worn the mixed reality viewers - Microsoft Hololens and immersive Mixed Reality headset - the customers can immerse themselves in their own home, being able to see the Natuzzi solutions as high as possible within their own housing context, choosing the furnishing models, proving colors and materials and experimenting with the arrangement in the environment.


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