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Phygital Innovation Day with Hevolus Innovation and 3CAD at the Microsoft House in Milan

Hevolus Innovation and 3CAD are pleased to invite you to the Phygital Innovation Day, which will be held on December 6th at the Microsoft House in Milan.


The challenge to which the furniture industry today is called makes the investment in digital transformation increasingly strategic: to increase the level of customization of the services offered and meet the expectations of consumers, even the most expert ones, the phygital approach offers endless opportunity.

We must be able to grasp them!

In the Milanese temple of innovation we will present the working use-cases of the main international phygital customer experience projects, including 3CAD Next Configurator, Hevolus Augmented Store and HoloWarehouse.

And we will also show how it is possible to completely innovate the in-store customer journey, to increase sales revenues in stores by 40% and reduce purchase decision times by 80%.


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