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Omnichannel, virtual and augmented reality, immersive headsets and smartphones: Hevolus' new customer journey strategy that will bring innovative 4.0 customer experience to Mondo Camerette stores

20/12/2018 – Hevolus Innovation, a leading international company in the world of disruptive technologies and international partner of Microsoft for mixed reality, has announced that the Italian company Mondo Camerette, specialists in creating children's bedrooms, has launched an important digital transformation project based on Hevolus' new omnichannel customer journey. An innovative experience that aims to make its network of showrooms the perfect setting for parents and children to create their dreams.

The project is called “Mondo Camerette in Mixed Reality”. Mondo Camerette will take on the challenge of implementing innovative technologies and services that will give new added value to their network of retail outlets, which is currently a must for many large furniture manufacturers to become part of the Retail 4.0 industry. The aim of the project is to redefine their role as furniture manufacturers, able to intercept the needs and expectations of increasingly digital consumers, or rather “digital natives” that children today are becoming. From a location dedicated to providing spectacular quality goods, Mondo Camerette's physical stores can now become a destination that offers a fluid and fulfilling experience to their customers. A destination where shopping is no longer a chore, but rather a place where customers love to go and enjoy being.

Through conducting the analysis of consumer needs, critical points, strategies and opportunities related to the use of new devices in the purchasing process and studying the new social attitudes and technological habits of the consumer, Hevolus and Mondo Camerette have reinvented the Customer Journey. They have focused on implementing an omnichannel strategy, where every touchpoint can develop a succession of wow moments encased within the framework of a unifying, high added value and seamless experience, built around the customer.

This approach, which is made possible by the integrated use of IoT technologies, Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge (immersive headsets, Microsoft Hololens, smartphones, tablets), makes the in-store service extremely accessible. The consumer is fully involved at every stage of their journey within the showroom, right from the entrance of the store to the discovery of the immersive mixed reality collection, to the 3D furniture design solution visualised in either a virtual or mixed reality setting, right up to seeing how the products and design project would look in their own homes in VR 360 mode.

The new customer journey adopted by Mondo Camerette, who were recently awarded the SMAU Innovation Prize 2018, includes a range of IT and mobile APP platforms, all developed by Hevolus Innovation and their technological ecosystem, ensuring that it is operational and working well.

Amongst these IT and mobile APP platforms is the Immersive Augmented Store. The customer, however young or old they may be, wears a mixed reality headset and is immersed in the company’s virtual store. The virtual store is an infinite "augmented" exhibition space, where the customer can see all the possible bedroom designs from the catalogue as if they were physically real and interact with them by changing colours and finishes.

But not only this. The Augmented Store allows the consumer to see their own custom project in Mixed or Virtual Reality true to size. In this way, they are able to assess the layout, colours, dimensions and overall size as necessary or desired.

"The customers need to live the exciting purchasing experience of our children's bedrooms," says Giuseppe Caruso, president of Mondo Camerette. "Thanks to the technologies designed and developed by Hevolus, the customer can enter into their virtual bedroom design, giving them a real-life perception of the space. In this way, decision times are reduced, and, in future, we will be able to reduce the size of the exhibition space, as customers can change their bedroom layouts and colours with mixed reality."

Antonella La Notte, CEO of Hevolus, concludes: “For us it is an honour to contribute to the innovation of such important brands in the furniture sector such as Mondo Camerette. We have a shared vision of a Retail 4.0 that can win over people’s hearts and minds by providing them with magical moments and unforgettable relationships!”


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