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Rome, 21 October 2020 - MELIUSform, a business school with over twenty years of experience in the business, managerial and professional training sector, teams up with Hevolus Innovation, Microsoft's international partner for Mixed Reality, to innovate its training offer with Holo-Corporate-Learning, a platform that leverages the potential of mixed reality, Cloud Computing and Microsoft HoloLens 2 viewers.

The innovative Holo-Corporate-Learning project was presented today for the first time at SMAU Milan (20-21 October 2020) and awarded the SMAU 2020 Innovation Award. Targeted in its pilot form to the business management training area, it will soon be able to be extended to other didactic-training areas.

Thanks to this platform, companies and their executives, while remaining physically located in different parts of the world, can share experiential training paths by entering a virtual room with their avatars.

The platform facilitates continuous interaction between teachers and learners, allows group work to be carried out in separate virtual rooms and supports Design Thinking tools for experimenting with new models, solutions and canvases.

Wearing Microsoft HoloLens 2, participants live an immersive experience that combines digital content and the real world: they can design and share a new business model in real time, develop a project and track transformation initiatives of their company, learn and internalize the characteristics of the leader of the future, interact with other participants, comment on videos, work on case studies, analyze best practices and acquire new skills through gamification techniques.

The new model of holographic experiential training of Holo-Corporate-Learning combines the benefits of face-to-face training in the classroom with the convenience of staying in one's own office and the saving of time and costs for travel. This aspect is particularly important for all national and multinational business realities that have their managers and officials located in different locations around the world at a time when travel is made problematic by the ongoing health emergency.

"The SMAU Award received for the Holo-Corporate-Learning project developed by Hevolus confirms the quality of our commitment to constantly innovate corporate training, a strategic element for business success - says Marco Astolfi, Officer Strategy & Development at MELIUSform. The Mixed Microsoft's Reality and HoloLens 2 offer great opportunities, because they allow you to increase the level of involvement of the participants by improving the results. In fact, learning takes place in the context of a highly interactive immersive digital experience, which fosters emotional connections and amplifies dialogue, freedom of expression and proactive dialogue between participants and the teacher ".

“We are very satisfied with the project developed for MELIUSform - declares Antonio Squeo, CIO of Hevolus Innovation. With Microsoft's mixed reality and Cloud Computing technologies we significantly enhance the educational and training programs based on Learning by Doing, offering experiences that overcome the problems of social distancing of this terrible period and guarantee the same level of participation as in-person events. . Furthermore, the gaming component and participation with personalized avatars allow you to approach teaching activities in a new way, both by teachers and students. This pilot project is likely to become the sustainable future for the digital transformation of corporate education ”.


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