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HoloMaintenance Link comes to life, artisans get smart too

Egna (Bolzano), 20.05.2020 - Würth, a world leader in the distribution of fixing and assembly products and systems, and Hevolus Innovation with Microsoft Italia launch HoloMaintenance Link. The platform allows artisans to interactively manage and remotely solve requests for advice, assistance, and maintenance by leveraging the potential of augmented reality and mixed reality. By clicking on a link received via SMS, email or chat, customers can quickly receive assistance from their craftsman of trust, starting a professional video call with a computer or with any mobile device.

The user experience is fluid and dynamic, and it is based on real-time collaboration, eased by visual and vocal support. Through the camera of the device, customers can show the scenario they have to face to the expert, in order to allow him/her to carry out an anamnesis of the issue. Once the cause of the failure or malfunction has been identified, the remote expert can easily guide the client in carrying out the necessary operations, explaining them steps step-by-step. The expert can also share augmented and mixed reality models, 3D animations, technical documentation, and use graphic annotations to point at the components to handle.

During the call, the expert can save videos and photos of the support session, which will be stored on a server and will be available for future consultations. At the end of the assistance session, HoloMaintenance Link automatically generates a ticket with the complete call history, including the operations that were carried out in augmented and mixed reality. The call history can then be used to securely populate a pool of diagnostic data and integrate it into the Corporate CRM platform thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

To further improve remote operations and offer even more advanced performances, the platform can also be used with the Microsoft HoloLens 2 holographic headset, allowing remote assistance in complex areas with the aid of mixed reality. By wearing the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset, the craftsman will be able to visualize and interact with the 3D digital twins of the system components from any point of view and on any scale.

Würth Italia has always been focused on customer needs, and it makes innovation available to artisans, even in a critical situation like the one that is affecting Italy today. In this challenging moment, the company chose to find alternative and innovative solutions for customers, to allow them to continue their activities, even remotely.

HoloMaintenance Link is completely based on innovative Microsoft technologies, including the Mixed Reality and Cognitive Services features integrated into the Azure cloud platform, which make it perfectly scalable, multidevice and multiplayer. It enables the craftsman to work in smart mode, ensuring continuous assistance and reaching end customers wherever they are and at any time. The platform improves customer service, because the support is provided in a timely and decisive way, and optimizes the workflow and costs of the craftsman because it reduces the expenses for avoidable interventions. By offering an innovative and effective service to customers, HoloMaintenance Link helps artisans to be competitive on the market, even in agile working conditions.


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