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Hevolus wins Microsoft Italy Awards 2020 and stands out as Best ISV Partner 2020.

July 2020. Hevolus Innovation has won the "Best ISV Partner 2020" Award from Microsoft Italy, a prestigious award dedicated to partners who with their solutions have had a significant impact on the digital transformation of customers through the proposal of vertical and/or dedicated application solutions to specific workloads.

We won with Augmented Store At Home, platform for the creation and interactive visualization in augmented and mixed reality of virtual stores, completely based on Microsoft Azure technologies.

A successful, flexible and scalable solution, Augmented Store at Home is conquering the retail industry.

In giving immediate answers and buffering the inconveniences created by the health emergency by COVID19, the platform allows:

• make the customer experience accessible remotely through an innovative and engaging digital experience;

• ensuring relationship tools for the B2B retail chain that close the physical distance gap and support back-end processes;

• create innovative Cloud solutions.


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