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London/Molfetta, September 2018. Hevolus announces it has attained Microsoft international partner status within the Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP Program). The MRPP program is designed to enable partners to create world-class Mixed Reality solutions, allowing their customers to achieve the most from the Mixed Reality world for their businesses.

Hevolus is a specialised company which focuses on the research and development of innovative business models within the retail sector, more specifically within the furniture industry and for companies with important B2B and B2C retail networks, as well as for Corporate Open Innovation of Würth Italy and the Würth Group.

For many years Hevolus has been a leader in the world of disruptive technologies (Mixed Reality and Azure, Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics and cognitive services), using them to innovate customer’s experiences and its clients’ business strategies. Today Hevolus is one of the first Italian companies to achieve Microsoft accreditation for Mixed Reality.

“We’re delighted to add Hevolus as a Mixed Reality Partner. Since formally shipping Microsoft HoloLens into Italy earlier this year, we have seen significant enterprise demand for the types of transformative solutions that is only now possible. Given the pace of technology change, it’s more important than ever that enterprises can turn to partners like Hevolus, who have the ability to understand the potential and also the ability to deliver comprehensive solutions that leverage the most advanced cloud and mixed reality technologies that are available in market today” says Leila Martine, Product Marketing Director of Microsoft.

Hevolus is very excited about their mixed reality projects: HoloWarehouse for Würth Italia and HoloMaintenance which are currently under development and will soon be launched on the market. In the meantime, Hevolus is developing mixed reality pilot projects for important brands in the furniture industry, such as Natuzzi, Veneta Cucine, Gessi and Maronese ACF, with the last one already fully operational and receiving very positive feedback. “As new technologies are radically changing the world of business on a global scale, Mixed Reality represents an incredible opportunity for companies to transform the ways in which they work and operate. The solutions developed by Hevolus –such as HoloWarehouse and HoloMaintenance - are definitely great applications for key industries such as retail and logistics, that requirenew customer experiences and innovative methods to manage their operations, increase their efficiency and collaboration" explains Antonio Squeo, CIO of Hevolus.

HoloWarehouse is an innovative Mixed Reality holoapp created and developed by Hevolus for Würth, a world leader in the distribution of products and systems for fastening and assembling. The goal here is to present and configure the Orsy System logistics solutions of this German multinational company through the use of holographic and HoloLens technology.

HoloWarehouse dramatically improves customer experience by solving critical issues such as supporting Würth’s sales network, emotionally engaging their customers, bringing their digital content into the real physical world, making the presentation of projects and products more comprehensible, supporting the technical mapping of physical spaces, and making browsing through digital contents interactive.

“We are sure that HoloWarehouse and HoloMaintenance will amaze our potential customers. This will allow us to improve our Order Conversion Rate by 50% and reduce our time to sale by 50%. We have been working with Hevolus since 2014 in a Corporate Open Innovation approach, a collaboration which we are very pleased with, as Hevolus is a very innovative and flexible company with very young and professional staff. Through this cooperation, we have been able to both introduce innovation as well as implement many successful projects within our company in the last few years”, says Nicola Piazza, CEO of Würth Italy.

In terms of managing after-sales maintenance and remote assistance, Hevolus is developing HoloMaintenance: this platform will support advanced features, such as automating the refill processes on an international scale and enabling any technical problems to be resolved through remote assistance with HoloLens.

"We are proud to be Microsoft international partners for Mixed Reality solutions. Quoting Marcel Proust, for us, the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. From this perspective and thanks to the perfect fusion between the physical world and digital content, HoloLens and holographic technology are an open door to the future” – concludes an enthusiastic Antonella La Notte, CEO of Hevolus.



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