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Rubner Haus presents the new Mixed Reality solution to display wooden house projects immersively

The innovative "Rubner Haus in Mixed Reality" solution, developed in collaboration with Würth Italia and Hevolus Innovation, will be presented for the first time at KLIMAHOUSE

Rubner Haus Spa, a Rubner Group company specialized for over 50 years in the construction of wooden houses, presents for the first time the innovative solution "Rubner Haus in Mixed Reality" created in partnership with Würth Italia, belonging to the Würth Group, world leader in distribution of products and systems for fastening and assembly, and its technological partner Hevolus Innovation, a leading company in the field of disruptive technologies, winner of the SMAU Innovation Award several times and Microsoft's worldwide partner for Mixed Reality.

The project was conceived to innovate the relationship between the Rubner company, architects and technical operators of the sector, with the final aim of improving the final customer's shopping experience by offering an engaging, super-entertaining and emotional journey with the help of Mixed Reality.

"Rubner Haus in Mixed Reality" is an immersive three-dimensional platform designed to view Rubner's home projects, which can be used both in holographic mode with Microsoft Hololens and in immersive mode.

By wearing the Microsoft Hololens headset, the user (designer, seller and final customer) can see the hologram of the house on a small scale, placed on a horizontal plane, and walk around it to appreciate every detail.

On the other hand, when wearing an immersive headset, the user can immerse himself in the project of the house, visualising it in 1: 1 scale as if the house had already been built, thus fully understanding the real spatial shapes and proportions of each part of the project.

Klimahouse 2019 (23 - 26 January 2019) represents for Rubner Haus the ideal setting to present a preview of this new solution designed to improve the customer experience (CD sector, Stand D26 / 42).

"We are proud to take part in Klimahouse, bringing technological innovation to the wooden houses sector," said Andreas Webhofer, Marketing Manager at Rubner Haus. The collaboration with international players such as Würth Italia and its technological partner Hevolus Innovation, which is Microsoft's worldwide partner, allows us to take advantage of the potential of modern technologies. It also lets us make the most of all the immense opportunities powered by Mixed Reality, created to offer designers and clients unforgettable experiences".


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