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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Thanks to hVERSE, the lowcode platform that allows you to create proprietary metaverses,

Würth Italia continues its digital transition, contributing to reducing CO2 emissions

MILAN, 26 July 2022 – Suppliers around the world are fast waking up to the potential of the metaverse to revolutionize the customer experience: Würth Italia, the leading distributor of fastening products in Italy, has chosen Hevolus Innovation, Microsoft gold partner for Mixed Reality, to introduce the first Enterprise Metaverse created with hVERSE in its online and traditional sales activities, recording excellent results, reducing CO2 emissions and offering customers an experience completely new immersive.

hVERSE is Hevolus' lowcode platform accessible directly from the web and from any connected devices, that allows companies to create proprietary own Metaverses, featuring translation into 27 languages, multi-device, multi-platform and based on web 4.0, which was used to create one of the first Enterprise Metaverse after several global announcements in May 2022 by BigTech companies.

Furthermore, thanks to the metaverse, it is possible to enhance the customer experience and generate new business opportunities, offering a revolutionary experience in a simple and sustainable way.

Würth Italia, which is part of the global Würth Group, has been operating across the automotive, craft and construction sectors for nearly 60 years. Based in South Tyrol, the company has 200 sales outlets distributed throughout the country. In its six decades of presence, Würth has always worked by promoting an innovative technological approach to its activities.

Würth Italia has always invested in technologies and innovations that allow the company to optimize the customer journey and increase customer satisfaction”, says Nicola Piazza, CEO of Würth Italia. “In the era of the digital revolution, the partnership created with Hevolus was certainly a winner, in fact it allowed us to create the first Metaverse in Italy: the Wverse. The Würth Metaverse (Wverse) represents an epochal turning point, it allows to evolve from a traditional website to a 4.0 web solution, giving our customers the opportunity to live a new, emotional, and immersive shopping experience and allowing them to interact at the inside the Metaverse through their avatars. In the Metaverse it is also possible to carry out remote events, carry out networking and training activities. All this makes a very important contribution also in terms of sustainability: reducing most of the transfers and consequently significantly reducing emissions”.

Würth Italia considers the metaverse and web 4.0 a fundamental technology to strengthen its leadership on the market. A pioneering role that the company aims to achieve by investing in mixed reality solutions and using them to improve the in-person and online sales experience for its customers. This strategy has enabled the company to accelerate growth rates year after year.

Hevolus solution for Würth Italia

Würth had two goals for its metaverse project: increasing retail sales and strengthening e-commerce" says Antonio Squeo, CIO of Hevolus Innovation. "The potential of hVERSE is enormous, not only for creating new business opportunities, but also to boost sustainable innovation. The accessibility and scalability guaranteed by our platform ensure that the metaverse can be used by everyone, even via web. The most effective way to show a product is when the customer sees it in its real size but there are cases where this is not an easy task. The metaverse developed with hVERSE allows customers to visualize complex products and systems through their interactive 3D digital twins. This experience offers an extremely accurate idea of ​​how the product can adapt to real space”.

The goal of the metaverse created by Hevolus is to support Würth Italia to promote and sell its range of products designed for logistics, from large shelving to vending machines for personal protective equipment (PPE) up to modular systems, often too large and heavy to be physically transported to places and shown to potential buyers.

The virtual environment is a futuristic personalized and immersive 3D architecture in which visitors can access with their personal avatar. To offer customers an even more engaging and interactive experience, the Hevolus metaverse can support Mixed Reality and this is possible thanks to the Microsoft HoloLens 2.

We are delighted to see Hevolus helping Würth Italy and other customers in achieving commercial and sustainability business objectives by leveraging Microsoft technologies such as HoloLens and our mixed reality development platform” says René van Dormolen, Mixed Reality lead for Microsoft in Western Europe.The solutions used by Würth Italy are great examples of how metaverse experiences can help innovate and enhance sales, marketing, and support processes.”

By accessing Wverse, Würth Italia metaverse, customers can take a tour of the company, view the entire range of products and systems, interact with vendors and system consultants through their avatars, obtaining assistance in real time. Access is via any device, so it does not require any special technology. By creating this metaverse in Web 4.0, Würth Italia makes its products more accessible than ever by offering an emotional and engaging experience.

Since launching its mixed reality solutions, Würth Italia has captured the attention of its customers, who have increased by more than 50% compared to the previous year. In addition, the sales lead time has been reduced by more than half. The implementation of Wverse helped Würth Italia to increase its e-commerce turnover by 60%, while website visits increased by 20% compared to the previous year.

You can find additional information in the video case created by Microsoft at this link.


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