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Hevolus shows its H-Collaboration with the Lenovo ThinkReality VRX at Didacta Sicilia 2023 fair

Visitors at Sicilia Fiera Exhibition Meeting Hub will be able to try for the first time the new solution for Education, designed to strengthen the vital role of the teacher and to boost interaction with students, with demo sessions at the CampuStore booth

MILAN, October 10th, 2023 – Hevolus, international leader in the development of technologies for phygital and immersive customer journeys, announces today that, thanks to the many years of collaboration with Lenovo, from 12 to 14 October it will be possible to visit the CampuStore booth at Didacta Sicilia 2023 (booth 3/4 /5/10C, pavilion C2) for hands-on sessions of the new H-Collaboration solution with Lenovo ThinkReality VRX, for its official debut at an Italian fair.

“Technology must be a tool for Education not only in teaching and studying, but to communicate and share experiences in increasingly engaging and interesting ways. We designed our H-Collaboration solution with Lenovo to support teachers and students on this road to the school of the future, we want to help them chart the path towards a world with technology at the center of the educational path. Events as Didacta Sicilia help us refine our offering and in improving our solutions thanks to the feedback we receive from the community," comments Antonio Squeo, Chief Innovation Officer of Hevolus.

H-Collaboration solution with Lenovo ThinkReality VRX lets teachers set up immersive lessons and bring multimedia and interactive elements into the classroom thanks to Mixed and Virtual Reality, inputting 3D models, PDFs, textual content, images or videos depending on their needs and giving students the possibility to follow the class on a tablet while the teacher explains, shows, demonstrates and allows them to interact with the various elements of the lesson using their device, always keeping the central role of the teacher, who will be the only one able to decide the flow and contents of the lesson.

“As a global leader in Education, we are committed to making the educational experience for students and teachers better. We believe that digital is one of the most effective tools, capable of offering personalized and immersive learning solutions. Thanks to ThinkReality VRX and H-Collaboration, we are able to bring to Italian schools a multimedia experience similar to the one we develop for our customers in different industrial sectors, thus contributing to the development of the skills necessary for the jobs of the future, to develop collaboration between students and teachers and to simplify access to a potentially infinite number of resources," adds Riccardo Tavola, Education Manager in Italy at Lenovo.

The classroom in H-Collaboration is a hybrid space with a Host/Guest mode to get access with a Room Code. The teacher will create it from the Dashboard Panel of the application via the Lenovo viewer and to easily customize his lesson choosing which contents to include in the virtual classroom. To create even more immersive learning experiences, the teacher also has the possibility to collate multiple slides in a single deck, with different models and media. He will also be able to anchor within the classroom, via QR Codes, holograms for students, who will use the Spectator View to watch the virtual lesson from a different angle, to be interacting with the elements on the scene with any device, making H-Collaboration an inclusive and multi-device platform.

“Didacta Sicilia is the event that officially strikes up the band for the new school year, and this year it is even more crucial given the deadlines set by the PNRR. We think schools especially need to deepen the conscious and targeted use of technologies, especially for laboratories and Action 2 of the School Plan 4.0. Our role has always been to help schools dealing with Innovation. From this perspective, at Didacta Sicilia, it is essential for us to present - by having it tested first-hand, in full CampuStore style - this new solution designed by Hevolus and Lenovo, two great partners, which allow us to be once more the first to offer schools an innovative and extremely effective teaching support in educational contexts. Being the first to be able to show 'hands-on' to teachers, DS, DSGA and other members of the educational community, the H-Collaboration solution with Lenovo is not a coincidence, but the natural consequence of our thirty-year commitment in bringing Innovation and Technology to Italian schools”, concludes Pierluigi Lanzarini, founder and CEO of CampuStore.

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