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Hevolus Innovation wins the Global Excellence Award 2022 for HevoCollaboration

The award in the category Most Innovative Classroom Education Technology Provider 2022 was assigned for implementing new methodologies and creating immersive and interactive experiences to develop an inclusive and accessible educational system

Milan, November 16, 2022 - Hevolus Innovation has received the Global Excellence Awards 2022 by Acquisition International Magazine as Most Innovative Classroom Education Technology Provider 2022. The award presents HevoCollaboration as the most innovative solution to support schools in their process of innovation and educational method transformation. The 2022 Global Excellence Awards are among the most prestigious international awards for organizational excellence and award best practices, best use cases, and high-performing teams and individuals from companies of all sizes around the world.

HevoCollaboration is an integrated solution developed by Hevolus Innovation that uses Microsoft mixed reality and cloud computing technologies to enhance augmented teaching and enable inclusive and experiential learning. Conceived and designed on the experience of Microsoft and Hevolus Innovation in digital education, HevoCollaboration increases the potential of new technologies to encourage the learning of new generations, supports new methodologies for teachers and develops new skills at school for the benefit of the educational system as a whole.

"We are delighted to receive the AI Global Excellence Award 2022, which highlights and rewards the quality and diversity of educational products, as well as the best educational institutions and the most devoted members of the teaching profession. We are positive that new technologies can help the educational sector approach young people in a new way by providing specific skills on team collaboration techniques, crucial in the business world.", explained Antonio Squeo, Chief Metaverse Officer of Hevolus Innovation. “This year's Excellence Awards winners are concrete examples of what companies and organizations can do to encourage the promotion of educational services and product standards across the industry. With new technologies, smart devices and a hybrid approach, Hevolus aspires to allow educational institutions to respond to the ongoing paradigm shift with an interactive and multidisciplinary experiential model capable of putting students in the foreground, involving them personally and stimulating the initiative".

Hevo Collaboration is one of the components of the Microsoft Hybrid Learning Spaces solution already adopted by schools and large universities in Italy - University Federico II of Naples and the University of Palermo. It is an end-to-end solution designed to allow a new, immersive and inclusive teaching methodology. A more collaborative and lab-focused learning that includes the chance to view and analyze the evolution of skills over time.

"Over the past two years, we have seen an unprecedented acceleration of the digital transformation in the educational sector. The foundations that were built then, particularly through the adoption of the cloud, will act as a springboard for more immersive technologies that will allow educators and teachers to bring knowledge to students with interactive and engaging formats, transcending geographic boundaries ", commented Ihab Foudeh, Microsoft's Public Sector General Manager, Middle East and Africa. "My congratulations to Hevolus Innovation for this well-deserved award, and I look forward to seeing immersive technologies for education reach new heights also thanks to our collaboration."

Hevolus Innovation and Microsoft joined GESS 2022 from the 15th to the 17th of November 2022, where they showed the main institutions, the hybrid learning spaces at Microsoft booth J10, Sheikh Saeed Hall, Dubai World Trade Center.


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