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Hevolus Innovation joins NRF 2023

Hevolus Innovation brings hVerse to NRF 2023 to showcase phygital and Mixed Reality solutions that are revolutionizing and enhancing the customer experience, generating new business opportunities, and delivering revolutionary experiences in a simple and sustainable way.

MILAN, Jan. 16, 2023 - Hevolus Innovation, a leading Italian innovation company in SaaS solutions for the corporate metaverse, announces its presence at NRF 2023, one of the world's most important technology trade fairs for the retail sector, to be held in New York from Jan. 15 to 17, 2023.

More than 350 speakers, 1,000 exhibitors, and an agenda full of events dedicated to the retail sector are expected during the 3-day expo, making NRF 2023 the perfect meeting point for all retail companies. NRF 2023 is a huge Expo where you will be able to find the latest innovations dedicated to retail - the ideal stage for Hevolus Innovation, within which it will show how you can expand the customer journey for the future of retail.

Hevolus' innovative solution allows you to expand and enhance your own customer journey. Thanks to hVerse, the world's first platform for generating metaverse in Web 4.0, you can create, customize and publish your own metaverse with complete hardware and software support. Moreover, with hVerse you can create furnished digital environments just as with a physical showroom or store. hVerse is an easy and intuitive solution: it is presented as a CMS to display two- or three-dimensional multimedia content that the company has developed, commissioned or found online. This solution allows the end customer to navigate directly from home to their favourite stores, extending their experience and exploring different kinds of phygital environments, depending on the devices used or the available time. Moreover, the user will have the opportunity to book an appointment to try out the new collection live, or experience other types of immersive in-store experiences, inviting people from all over the world as if they were with them.

During NRF 2023, it will be possible to join in exclusive events in the metaverse organized by brands, such as virtual runways, virtual pop-up shops, live events and Q&As, where sales staff will also be able to learn about the new collections in an immersive way and engage directly with the collection designers. Furthermore, prior to the presentation of the customer journey, there will be a preview screening of the teaser of its proposal, which will briefly show the potential of Hevolus Innovation's suite for the Retail market. Next up, there will be a short demo in WebSpaceXR, demonstrating the narrated features.


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