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Hevolus Innovation and Natuzzi together for a new augmented reality shopping solution

The Web XR solution developed by Hevolus Innovation allows Natuzzi to bring the furnishings directly to the customer's home.

MILAN, February 6, 2023Hevolus Innovation, an innovative Italian company leading in SaaS solutions for the corporate metaverse, announces a new application of its Web Extended Reality (Web XR) solution designed to support and enhance the shopping experience for Natuzzi customers, one of the major global players in the production and distribution of design and luxury furniture.

The collaboration between Hevolus Innovation and Natuzzi through the application of the Web XR solution was validated by the Smau Innovation Award 2023, an accolade awarded to the company for having made a concrete innovative contribution to its reality and helped to grow the country's system as a whole.

Hevolus Innovation and Natuzzi have developed this new application to make the sales experience increasingly engaging, simple, and unique: thanks to the Hevolus solution, a customer visiting a Natuzzi store can select their preferred furnishings and receive from the designer a digital project complete with a QR Code. Once at home, simply scanning the QR Code with a smartphone's camera allows viewing the furnishings directly in the rooms of one’s home, without downloading dedicated apps. Furthermore, by moving the camera, it is possible to move around the space, choose colors, and place items as desired. Direct visualization also allows evaluating the spatial requirements and choosing furniture compositions perfectly in line with the available space. This experience leads to an increased level of customer satisfaction through the selection of a product perfect for different tastes and needs, while the company has the opportunity to offer a virtually infinite virtual catalog of products customizable in 360° in its environments.

"We are pleased to stand by the Natuzzi Group to celebrate this important recognition with them, highlighting and rewarding innovation made in Italy. We believe that the new Web XR technologies, with their enormous potential, can help the retail sector by providing essential tools not only to create new business opportunities in a sustainable way but also to enhance the customer journey," explains Antonio Squeo, Chief Metaverse Officer at Hevolus Innovation. "The most effective way to showcase a product is when the customer sees it in its real dimensions, but there are cases where this is not easy. Our augmented reality solution allows customers to view products and complex systems through their interactive 3D digital twins. This experience offers an extremely accurate idea of how the product can fit into the real space."

"After the Natuzzi Augmented Store project, realized in partnership with Hevolus and Microsoft, for which we were awarded the prestigious Digital 360 Award, Natuzzi once again confirms its status as a game changer in creating a totally innovative customer experience," explains Pierangelo Colacicco, Chief Information Technology and Digital Innovation Officer at Natuzzi. "The importance of flexibility and the need to respond quickly to new developments are crucial for companies that want to face changes and continue to be close to their customers."


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