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Würth-Hevolus win the Innovation Award at Smau 2017

Milan, October 30, 2017. Würth Italy and Hevolus win the SMAU 2017 Innovation Award presenting the Wudesto project.

In line with the spirit of the award, aimed at enhancing companies that in the era of digital transformation are able to trace new routes, the Würth Italia-Hevolus partnership stands out as an innovative excellence in the "tailor-made" furniture market.

The award received confirms that the cooperation with the start-up company Hevolus proved to be the right answer for Würth to meet the need of a multinational company to adapt to the rapid changes in the market and the capacity for innovation it requires.

The Wüdesto project change the relationship between the end customer on one side and the world of craftsmanship, furniture, architects and designers on the other (one of Würth's main markets). In a context in which the big furnishing chains are on the market in a strong and competitive way, sometimes compromising the work of the wood craftsman and the value of customised furniture, Wudesto proposes itself as the ideal solution to give added value and make emotional both the design process and the shopping experience.



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