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The project Würth Automatic Store won the Innovation Award at SMAU Naples 2019

12/12/2019. The project “Würth Automatic Store” won the Innovation Award at SMAU Naples. Born from the Hevolus Innovation and ICAM partnership the project revolutionized in a "Phygital" way the purchasing experience for Würth customers, with an innovative touchpoint available in self-service mode.

Guaranteeing an increasingly efficient service and facilitating the purchase activity on all touchpoints, integrating the offline and online channel with a phygital approach - the "Würth Automatic Store” project was born with this goal. The shop that mixes the chance to buy on the spot and collecting purchases made online in flexible hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without waiting for couriers or dealing with missed deliveries. Customers can go to the "Würth Automatic Store" even at night or early in the morning and stock up on the goods they need, in full autonomy.

The project was developed thanks to the collaboration with Hevolus Innovation, technological partner of #WürthItalia and #WürthGroup for Corporate #OpenInnovation initiatives, and with #ICAM, a company specialized for over 60 years in the design and production of innovative automatic storage systems and the distribution of materials in the industrial, hospital, urban and retail sectors.

The first “Würth Automatic Store” will be installed in one of the industrial districts of the North-East of our country and inaugurated in 2020. Later on, the launch of other “Würth Automatic Stores” is planned and will continue throughout the national territory, in districts / industrial areas of ports, airports, large construction sites.


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