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At the SICAM 2019 Hevolus Innovation presents the new features of the Augmented Store

From October 15th to 18th Hevolus Innovation is at the SICAM 2019 International Exhibition at the Fiera di Pordenone, the annual reference event for the international industry of components, semi-finished products and accessories for furniture.

The focus of the exhibition will be on the multimedia technological solutions designed to innovate the Customer Journey of the furniture industry, to strategically and effectively support the companies of this sector in the complex digital transformation process that is inevitable nowadays.

More specifically, you will be able to experience first-hand the advantages of our Augmented Store, an award-winning virtual and mixed reality solution that allows you to visualize - with any mobile or wearable device - three-dimensional and multimedia digital contents that coexist with the physical reality of the exhibition space.

The Augmented Store supports carpenters, furniture manufacturers and designers in changing their approach to sales and innovate their tools meant to create a relationship with the end customer, from the "augmented" presentation of their creations to the immersive visualization of a custom-made furnishing project that can also be shared remotely. In this way, end customers can now discover new collections, change colours and patterns of the furniture, move it, discover the details by looking at it in 360 degrees and design their own kitchen under the guidance of experts.

New features have been recently implemented, such as "Room-scale" technology, spatial sound and Azure anchors, which further amplify the user experience and reset the “technological embarrassment”: customers will be able to experience the journey using any device (tablet, smartphone, Hololens2, VR headsets, immersive MR headsets) and they will be able to share the experience remotely.

«Our offer is not only technological, but a new story applied to sales - explains Antonio Squeo, CIO of Hevolus Innovation. Despite the great influence of e-commerce, more than 90% of the sales still takes place in-store. We wanted to create something that fully involves the customers, making them fans of a unique experience that will spread through word of mouth».

Interested visitors will be able to try the solutions during live demos with Hevolus Innovation specialists, at stand B18 / C19, Hall 9.


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